Bracelet Mixte Perles Naturelles 7 Chakras Free Shipping
Bracelet Mixte Perles Naturelles 7 Chakras Free Shipping
Bracelet Mixte Perles Naturelles 7 Chakras Free Shipping
Bracelet Mixte Perles Naturelles 7 Chakras Free Shipping
Bracelet Mixte Perles Naturelles 7 Chakras Free Shipping

    Mixed Bracelet natural pearls 7 Chakras

    14.99 €

      We offer these braceletsCompounds ofSeven pearl colors representing the 7 Chakras.

       The Chakra is a Sanskrit wordSignifying"Wheel"The VedasWhich are the four oldest texts in Hindoue literature, have used this term to describe theSeven human energy centres.These are spherical spirals in the etheric body that act asEnergy transmitters. Chakras AffectOur activity through the operation of the endoctrine glands. These glands affectThe functioning of our body, our mental balance and our emotional integrity.

      Color Mapping:

      The Brown and the Red

      These colors are used to represent your root or base chakra. The basic chakra connects you to the world around you and the fears you have in you. Capricorns, the Virgin Islands and the Taurus can be particularly attracted to these colours. All those who are attracted by these colours try to mask their pain by seeming hard outside.

      The Orange

      Associated with the sacred chakra, it represents relationships, creativity, money and intimacy. This colour attracts particularly the fish, the Cancers and the Scorpions. Those who seek or love orange are naturally creative and tend to cultivate a healthy intimate life. They love adventures, new information, and try to get feet on the ground.

      The Yellow

      Yellow is considered a passive and soothing colour. Although this may be true for some people, yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra. Associated with breathing, energy and personal power, nourishing constantly the body and mind, this formation is more easily accessible to the Lions, the Béliers and the Sagittaries.

      These people make great natural leaders and sensible businessmen. They are action-oriented and influential.


      Sometimes considered the color chosen by the geniuses, this color is particularly well adapted to the Verseaux, the Gemini, and the Balances. The green is linked to the chakra of the heart, the door to all the "upper" chakras and the understanding.

      This chakra keeps the spark of the divine and that is where we get our sense of intuition. Considered a good choice by individuals with strong emotional ties, they make excellent listeners and healers.

      The Blue

      Associated with the throat chakra, those who feel blue are excellent communicators. It has good listening, high levels of empathy and can be more extroverted.


      The chakra of the third eye governs intuition, divine wisdom and the recognition of truth. If you choose this color, you are intuitive and experienced in the world of dreams and subconscious.



      ThisHarmonisation Bracelet of the 7 Chakras (composed of 21 rare stones) by its spiritual and vital energy can allow you to harmonise your body, your mind and your conscience. (According to some Tibetan beliefs)

      When your chakras are unbalanced, it is your general well-being that is impacted by your mental, emotional, spiritual and, of course, physical health.

      In terms of profit, harmonisation of the Chakras can result in:
      -clarity of mind
      -more confidence and self-esteem
      -one aura of protection
      -stabilize your emotions (decrease feelings of anger, jealousy ...)
      -internal peace
      -elevation of spirituality
      -guide you to your mission of life

      And much more!


      By wearing one of these Harmonisation bracelets of the 7 Chakras,You will activate all your chakras.

      Every day you will see the improvement of your general well-being by combining the positive energies provided by these stones with extremely beneficial virtues.

      Do yourself good by having fun and click "Add to the basket" to get your 7 Chakras harmonization bracelet

      Bracelet material: Pearl/Lava stone
      Loop Material: Metal

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