How to put on a tie ? The essential rules

by Jonathan Roche on October 31, 2020

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Choosing a tie is the first step. The next step is often more problematic, because to wear a tie properly, it is never enough to tie it around the neck. Wearing a tie is governed by codes and principles that must be observed. The choice of the length or collar of the shirt is one of them. Let's see how to wear a tie together!

The main tie knots to know and the associated collars

While ties generally go with shirts, you can't wear just any knot, with just any shirt. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the specificities of the collar of the shirt to determine which will be the nodes which will adapt to it best.

The simple tie knot

The simple tie knot is the most basic, but also the fastest and most effective. It is most accessible for those who are new to wearing a tie and want to familiarize themselves with the style. We associate it with most shirt collars, and it has the advantage of adapting to all body types! Of course, the result will be slightly different depending on the type of tie chosen: wide with thick ties, and necessarily narrow with the thinnest ties.

The double knot

The double knot is based on the single tie knot. However, it is necessary to make a second rotation with the large end of the tie, around the small end. This knot is thicker than the single knot, and it pairs quite well with most shirt collars. However, you should avoid doing it with thick ties, which give a much too imposing look. Prefer thin ties for making a double knot.

The little knot

The little knot is, as its name suggests, small. It differs from the simple knot, because here it is the small part which passes over the large one. We prefer the small knot with wide or long collars. This is a very simple, yet very effective way to tie a tie correctly and achieve a convincing look.

Windsor tie knot

The Windsor knot is certainly the dressiest of all. Traditionally, it is worn for important events and special occasions. It is not the easiest to perform, and we will even say it is rather complex to perform. Therefore, this knot should be preferred with open collars.

Half Windsor

The Half Windsor is an easier Windsor knot than the one shown above. And it offers the same rendering! Elegant and triangular in shape, it goes well with open collars as well as with classic collars. It can be done with wide or thin ties without any worries.

Each shirt collar has a tie knot

To put on a tie properly, you have to choose the right knot and associate it with a suitable collar. The tie knot must always adapt to the collar of the shirt you are wearing. Thus, we take into account the shape and thickness of the tie, which will vary depending on the type of collar (small, wide, open, classic, etc.). With an Italian collar, choose a Windsor knot. With a French collar (light opening and seven centimeter points), we prefer a simple knot.

In short, we must keep in mind that the knot of a tie must allow the opening of a collar to be completed in a harmonious way. Therefore, it should not be too erased, nor too imposing.

Tie knot: the different control points

Obviously, it would be too easy to just tie a knot for a smooth result. The shape, the length, the fall of the tie and the points of the collar are also points to master and to control to put on a tie properly.

A successful tie knot

When you tie a tie, there is no room for guesswork. You have to be precise and tie a knot correctly: a poorly tied knot is immediately noticeable! Take your time to master the different types of knots and do not hesitate to start over if the result is not perfect. First, make sure to tighten the knot. It should allow you to hide the button on the collar, without strangling you. A little adjustment will help you perfect this point. Make sure to center the knot as well.

In addition, you should know that a knot must not take off the points of the shirt collar. If these are raised, it means that the knot is too large. You may need to change your tie to put on a thinner one, or change your knot. In addition, its sides must not come out of the collar. Therefore, the tie must be hidden by the collar at the nape of the neck. In this case, it is considered that it is correctly put.

successful tie knot

Gout: a point to check

To make a tie knot, you have to look at the case of gout. To the untrained eye, this is just a crease. Some even consider it a flaw. However, it plays an essential role for all connoisseurs and lovers of ties. The drop designates the hollow that forms under the tie knot. It does not appear systematically, because it depends on the material and the thickness of the tie. A drop will not form with a smooth, supple silk tie. On the other hand, it appears easily with flannel and tweed. Choose the material of your tie as well as its thickness, according to your wish: to reveal a drop or not.

A good tie length

There is not one, but several tie sizes. And if in the street we tend to cross several, there is only one "good"! The tie should always stop at the waist. To be completely precise, it must stop at the button of the pants. Therefore, it should not stop above or pass the belt. Obviously, if it seems too short or too long to you, it is certainly badly tied.

Regarding the length of the small side, it seems essential to insiders. It remains important, even for beginners. Here, the rule is that the small side is shorter (slightly) than the main side, and that the latter hides it. However, this is not a universal rule. A lot of men are very elegant with a long and visible side! Thanks to this trick, we give a falsely neglected look to the outfit. But before taking such a "risk", it is best to have a good grasp of all the other aspects of wearing a tie. Finally, to put on this accessory properly, make sure that the two sides of it are straight and glued to the body of the shirt.

good tie length

Last tips for putting on a tie

The wearing of the tie is determined by the type of collar, which we will select according to its morphology. Depending on the collar, we will then choose the right tie. This way, we make sure to bring a touch of elegance to a harmonious whole. The knot should not be too large, otherwise it may raise the points of the collar and detract from your style. The tips of the collar should always touch the shirt. Always pay attention to the length of the accessory, which must stop at the waist. It also makes it possible to indicate a poorly made knot.

Respecting basic dress codes in terms of wearing a tie ensures you look stylish in all circumstances. It doesn't matter if you spend a few tens or several hundred dollars on a tie. If you don't know how to tie it correctly or associate it with your shirt, the result will never be perfect.

Match the accessory to the outfit: colors and materials

To wear this accessory well, you also have to choose its appearance. Colors, materials… In terms of ties, there is absolutely everything on the market. From the most sober and classic to the most whimsical. A man is rarely satisfied with one or two accessories. It will be necessary to show taste in the association of colors and materials of your ties with your outfits. Likewise, if we can get out of classicism, we must not fall into the opposite excess and "too" fantasy. If you like to wear ties, chances are you'll collect them. Some are essential: make sure you have them in your closet.

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How to put on a tie: what to remember

Wearing a tie well isn't all about tying a good knot, although it is essential. The choice of the accessory, the type of the knot and the collar of the shirt are also essential points for wearing a tie for men. So, follow these few tips to ensure your style is unstoppable in all circumstances, and to avoid rookie mistakes!

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